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Salt and Shadow

Stories of food, ritual and what we grow. 

We've made it. It's here! Imbolc 2.2.22 We've arrived at the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The days are getting longer, and maybe a little warmer (depending on where you are) but the return of the sun is imminent.

Today we celebrate the first breath of spring, and the fire goddess who embodies new life, light and warmth, Brigid. (My namesake!) This year Imbolc, the Lunar New Year and 2.2.22 are all aligned! An incredible time to start something new.

The Celts celebrate with oat cakes or oat bannocks, an unleavened oatmeal dough cooked on a girdle/griddle. It's good luck to leave one out for Brigid in hopes that she will return blessings of prosperity, fertility and good health.

I baked these little rosemary and lavender cakes with oat flour, and they came out spongey and delicious! Rosemary for clearing and protection and lavender for love and healing, both herbs sacred to Brigid! Baking with intentions for the season turns every recipe into a ritual.

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